Passions and Projects


I am a colonial-fluent, Scottish-Metis woman with some very distinct opinions that are entirely my own.   While the roots of my family stretch across western Canada to Red River, I am connected to the Michif / Métis community in Saskatoon, SK.

Over the years I have been gifted many teachers on this path and the knowledge that they have shared with me is infused  throughout my presentations.

My most current work has been in braiding Mindfulness, Trauma Awareness and Cultural Responsiveness into a cohesive and coherent approach to the world and I love to share.

If you are interested in a refreshing and honest approach to education, relationships or humans in general, let’s talk.


Tracy Laverty
The old people that share stories with me always do so after explaining the pedigree of the story, to whom the story belongs, how they came to hear it and why they are sharing it with me.  This is the way it has always been done, it helps us connect to the context of the story, but most importantly, it is a practice rooted in respect.  In all the stories told in the past and in all the stories we tell now, people generally play a prominent role, and people are unique individuals with specific circumstance.  Respect for and kindness towards one another is paramount in the relationships within a community, and that is where the stories live as well, in the truth of relationships and communities.

What stories do you tell, and how do they inform your relationships within the community?

Why Me?

As a speaker I will collaborate with you to determine the best way to meet the needs of you and your audience.  I am a passionate presenter with the energy and experience to keep an audience engaged and actively involved.  Courageous conversations are my jam, your time is precious so I don’t beat around the bush and I encourage participation as much and as often as possible.  These are complicated times, and I can provide the thought provoking, game-changing reality check that we all need with grace and compassion.  We are all in this together, let’s get started!


My Passions

  • Boundaries Protect – Modeling Healthy Practices for Teachers
  • The Basics of a  Culturally Responsive and Trauma-Informed Classroom
  • Unconditional Positive Regard: Creating Caring Schools
  • Bringing Back Our Grandmothers Teachings
  • Community-based workshops
    • Understanding Trauma from all Cultures
    • Self-care Through a Metis Lens
    • Relationships as Leadership
    • And many more. If it is a mindful Métis that you need, it’s time we chat.

All presentations can be customized to the needs of your school or group. Only have 30 minutes? Want to spend a whole day with lots of hands-on application and practice? Hoping to focus on the needs of your music, PE and art teachers? Have to highlight the connections with competency-based learning? I am flexible and adaptable, and will work with you to create a learning experience that best meets your needs.

Based in the Prairies, I am happy to serve schools and community groups locally and across the country.

Please contact me for rates and scheduling.

My Path

Over the last several years my work and my community have gifted me many opportunities to share my knowledge and in each, I have learned as much as I have shared.

I am actively involved with my Metis community in Saskatoon and deeply grateful for their guidance.  It is important to understand that while I do not speak for anyone but myself, I am responsible to my community for the the thoughts, words and energy that I produce in the world.

This is my journey.


Public Presentations

The Brain Architecture Game (Metis Nation of Saskatchewan 2020)

Sensitive and Perceptive Spaces (Think Indigenous 2020)

Ma Famille: A Personal Guide to Metis History (Gabriel Dumont Institute 2020)

Trauma Informed Practice in the Classroom (Awasis 2019)

Culturally Responsive Classrooms (Awasis 2018)

Teaching Genocide: Lessons from Rwanda (United Nations: Saskatoon Chapter 2009)

Saskatoon Public Schools

Sensitive and Perceptive Spaces Workshop, 2020

Two Eyed Seeing in Science, 2020

Parenting Across Cultures, 2019-2020

Indigenous Worldview, 2018-2020

Kairos Blanket Exercise, 2018-2020

Why Culture Matters, 2019

Metis History Through Pemmican, 2019

The Science of Trauma in the Classroom, 2018

Trauma Informed and Culturally Responsive Teaching for ITEP & SUNTEP students, 2018-2019


Topics and Interests 

Trauma Informed Practice


Mindful Education


Mindful Leadership


Indigenous History


Educational Leadership


Indigenous Leadership


Two-Eyed Seeing in Education


Metis History and Culture


I have acquired certificates in the following:

Learning and the Brain Conference in San Francisco (2020)

Mindfulness Coaching Certification (2019)

Kairos Blanket Exercise Facilitator Training (2019)

Trauma Informed Care in the Workplace (2019)

Trauma Competent Caregiving Training (2018)

Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education (2018)

Peter DeWitt Instructional Coaching Training (2016)

…and continue to access learning wherever I can.


Passions and projects

Two-Eyed Seeing

Two-Eyed Seeing

Two-Eyed Seeing is a Mi’kmaw concept brought forward by Elder Albert Marshall.  Etuaptmumk, as it is understood in Mi’kmaw, “refers to learning to see from one eye with the strengths of Indigenous knowledges and ways of knowing, and from the other eye with the...

Why Culture Matters in School

Why Culture Matters in School

Each student entering our educational spaces faces some level of stress.  Healthy levels of stress keep us accountable for our actions, motivate us and inspire us to try out for school musicals.  Unfortunately, there are equally as many reasons why stress is bad....

Relationships Matter

Relationships Matter

The question that I am asked most often in my day-to-day reality is; "How do I Indigenize my classroom?" Or "How do I engage Indigenous learners?" and the answer is not as complicated as it seems.  When we talk about Indigenizing a classroom there are several elements...

iskwêwak: empowering our young women

iskwêwak: empowering our young women

It was rare in any Indigenous culture to see women disrespected, and even more rare to see them disrespect themselves.  A product of the world we have created, our girls do not understand the deep and inherent power that is their birth right. The iskwêwak project is...

Take what you need

The work on this page is my passion, and where I borrow, I give thanks.  Borrow what you need, share as often as you can, but let my name travel with my words so that the voice remains authentic.

This season, we have seen our world, our mother, take a long awaited and much needed deep breath of her own.  The birds sing louder, the four leggeds roam more freely and the scent of warming cedar has the space to reach our noses.

I am filled with gratitude for all that each of you has sacrificed to bring in this spring and cannot wait to learn a new way to be together that allows the world its continued breath.


Some people are just ready...

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