The old people tell me that as winter grew near, the Métis could most often be found working hides, sewing blankets and gathering resources to prepare for the long winter.  Taashkinikayen (Sharing) with others was a vital part of living, and it was believed that the more you gave from the heart the more you would receive. To reinforce generosity, many Metis people were taught to give away even their most treasured possessions or create their best work for the benefit of others.  What gifts do you share every day?

Photo by Cathy Holewinski on Unsplash

This is part of a series of mindfulness prompts that are based in Métis teachings. Each weekly post has an image specifically designed to fit the lock-screen on your phone. The idea is that you can make mindfulness easy, effective and beautiful all at the same time. Placing each new image on your lock screen serves to keep it in the front of your mind while the week allows you enough time to lean into the learning.