Technology in the Classroom

Students do not have time in class to take each piece of new information and act on it; therefore taking notes is essential to learning new material. Without them they will have no chance to later rehearse the information in their working memory. Technology can be employed to assist in note-taking, however only for students who are adept at both summarizing, interpreting, and typing on their devices already.  If students are not able to do all of these things “on the fly” the technology can actually just get in the way.

Once they have the information, students must move it into working memory to build long-term memories, It is at this stage that technology can be the most helpful.  Using various online applications to manipulate, interpret, summarize and synthesize information already covered in class allows the creation of long term memories.

Modeling the appropriate use of technology is always the best place to start.Good behavior online is trickle down, after all. Model it, live it, talk about it. It’s all “using” technology.


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February 10, 2013

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