Summer brings so much to our lives, but the biggest lesson may be balans.  I am reminded by the old people that summer was a time of hard work and long hours tending gardens and fields, but also that it was a time of celebration and community as we always found ways to come together.  These ebbs and flows of energy found their own niches within the framework of summer.

The natural cycles of the earth make space for all of the things that we need to live happy and healthy lives, in fact we are designed to operate within them.  Summer days have an inherent rhythm. They begin cool, warming up as the day continues, and then ending again on a cooler note. This cycle creates instinctive spaces in a day for both hard physical work and quiet mental and spiritual work if we pay attention. 

As I sit here in the gray light of this cool summer afternoon, the scorching heat of the last few days still radiates from the earth around me.  The earth herself models a sense of balance, always reaching towards equilibrium.  In fact, I am beginning to believe that it may be our only task, to learn the lessons that she teaches.

Photo by Chirag Saini on Unsplash

This is part of a series of mindfulness prompts that are based in Métis teachings. Each weekly post has an image specifically designed to fit the lock-screen on your phone. The idea is that you can make mindfulness easy, effective and beautiful all at the same time. Placing each new image on your lock screen serves to keep it in the front of your mind while the week allows you enough time to lean into the learning.