I am reminded by my elders that to “hold our ground” does not mean not to move, but to stay true to our values as we walk.

This time of year is a time of celebration in my Indigenous communities.  Many of my relatives are celebrating a new cycle around the sun and others, a new season.  Regardless of where you fall on the seasonal spectrum, it is a time to renew, reset and refresh.  The energy, like the weather, can be unsettled and odd during this moon, leaving us feeling much the same.  I am told by the old people that when we feel unsettled we must take some time to reconnect with the earth, in this way her energy will be the place from which we move forward.

Photo by Le Duc on Unsplash

This is part of a series of mindfulness prompts that are based in Métis teachings. Each weekly post has an image specifically designed to fit the lock-screen on your phone. The idea is that you can make mindfulness easy, effective and beautiful all at the same time. Placing each new image on your lock screen serves to keep it in the front of your mind while the week allows you enough time to lean into the learning.