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Stop saying “Crown land”. It’s not. There’s no such thing. It’s a made up, false claim based on the genocidal Doctrine of Discovery/terra nullius lie. Underlying title to all of this continent is held by the First Peoples of each respective territory. De-normalize “crown land”.

Take a good hard look at those from Mile 2/Christian Centre & Legacy Academy/Christian Centre Academy who are defending the abusers. These are the people that benefited from the abuse of others, or were participants and/or conspirators of the abuse. #legacyofabuse

I am a constituent of @randydonauer and I have contacted him asking for his resignation. His direct involvement as the volunteer organizer at Legacy Christian Academy is disgusting. He used children for political gain. Resign Randy.

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Take what you need

The work on this page is my passion, and where I borrow, I give thanks.  Borrow what you need, share as often as you can, but let my name travel with my words so that the voice remains authentic.

This season, we have seen our world, our mother, take a long awaited and much needed deep breath of her own.  The birds sing louder, the four leggeds roam more freely and the scent of warming cedar has the space to reach our noses.

I am filled with gratitude for all that each of you has sacrificed to bring in this spring and cannot wait to learn a new way to be together that allows the world its continued breath.


Some people are just ready...

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