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With reconciliation and Trauma Informed Practice taking center stage in today’s environments, it may be helpful to have a guide.  It is paramount that we find a way to prioritize the experiences and relationships that add value for our communities while simultaneously creating the necessary boundaries to maintain forward momentum.

As a Métis consultant I have the experience of working alongside Indigenous community in a way that is respectful of both historical and contemporary ways of knowing.  As a Trauma Informed consultant, I can support you in creating a space that is safe and welcoming for all.

If it is time to assess your current approach or you are ready to connect in a meaningful way to Indigenous community, I would love to support.


Tracy Laverty
I support groups so that they can curate their own space and approach to reflect community and inclusivity, and I do that by taking you through a simple, proven, step-by-step system.

First, we start by taking a look at who you are now, and figuring out who you want to be moving forwards – so that you maintain the authenticity of who you are moving forward. Then we find ways to create safety in your spaces and your approach in order to create and connect the communities that are right for you.  We support you to  enhance your relationships and your boundaries all while using concrete and personalized strategies.  Finally, we build your path forward with purpose.”

What I Bring

I work with people in a way that facilitates experiential learning so that the theory resonates and practical adaptation is at the forefront.  Staff leave my workshops as leaders with increased self-awareness, a big-picture understanding of the needs of the humans they work with, and new approaches to apply in their spaces.


What I Offer

  • School-based professional development, including partial or full-day in-service workshops and presentations
    • Indigenizing your space and Practice
    • Trauma-Informed Classroom Management
    • Supporting Challenging Students
    • Blending a Culturally Responsive Approach with Trauma-Informed Teaching
    • …and more!
  • Conference keynotes
    • Boundaries Protect – Modeling Healthy Practices for Teachers
    • The Basics of a  Culturally Responsive and Trauma-Informed Classroom
    • Unconditional Positive Regard: Creating Caring Schools
    • Bringing Back Our Grandmothers Teachings
  • Community-based workshops
    • Understanding Trauma from all Cultures
    • Self-care Through a Metis Lens
  • Education consulting services, including school- and district-wide initiatives
    • Trauma-informed practices implementation
    • Shifting from punitive to collaborative approaches in classroom management
    • Modeling Leadership – Supporting Administrators in Culturally Responsive and Trauma Informed Leadership

All offerings can be customized to the needs of your school or group. Only have 30 minutes? Want to spend a whole day with lots of hands-on application and practice? Hoping to focus on the needs of your music, PE and art teachers? Have to highlight the connections with competency-based learning? I am flexible and adaptable, and will work with you to create a learning experience that best meets your needs.

Based in the Prairies, I am happy to serve schools and community groups locally and across the country.

Please contact me for rates and scheduling.

My Path

I am a Metis educator at my core and I believe everything that I have done has led me to this moment with you.
Bachelor of Education
Saskatchewan Urban Native Teachers Education Program – Secondary Focus
Graduated with honours 2004
University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK
Teaching Areas: Native Studies and English
My current role as First Nations, Inuit and Metis Education Consultant has gifted me many opportunities to learn and lead within multiple frameworks of community and collaborative education.  My understanding of Trauma Informed Practice is centered within this space.
Over the last several years I have been given the gift of community.  I am actively involved with my Metis community in Saskatoon and deeply grateful for their guidance.  It is important to share that while I do not speak for anyone but myself, I am responsible to my community for the the thoughts, words and energy that I produce in the world.
I have acquired certificates at

Learning and the Brain Conference in San Francisco (2020)

Trauma Competent Caregiving Training (2018)

Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education (2018)

…and continue to access learning wherever I can.


Trauma Informed Practice Resources

Why Culture Matters in School

Why Culture Matters in School

Each student entering our educational spaces faces some level of stress.  Healthy levels of stress keep us accountable for our actions, motivate us and inspire us to try out for school musicals.  Unfortunately, there are equally as many reasons why stress is bad....

Relationships Matter

Relationships Matter

The question that I am asked most often in my day-to-day reality is; "How do I Indigenize my classroom?" Or "How do I engage Indigenous learners?" and the answer is not as complicated as it seems.  When we talk about Indigenizing a classroom there are several elements...

Trauma Informed Practice

Trauma Informed Practice

"Studies suggest that over 70 per cent of Canadians have been exposed to at least one traumatic event in their lifetime, and that nearly 1 out of 10 Canadians may develop PTSD at some point in their lives" To be trauma-informed is to understand the ways in which...


Indigenous Learning Resources

Pow Wow Etiquette

Pow Wow Etiquette

Entering an unfamiliar world can be scary, but it is often the best way to learn.  While customs and protocols vary from nation to nation, following a few simple rules for Pow wow can set your mind at ease and let you enjoy the day. Dress Modestly—It is not...

The 60’s Scoop

The 60’s Scoop

The "Sixties Scoop" refers to the large-scale removal of Indigenous children from their birth families by provincial governments in Canada.  While it reached its peak in the sixties, the informal policy lasted from 1951 until very recently. "It is estimated that more...

Take what you need

The work on this page is my passion, and where I borrow, I give thanks.  Borrow what you need, share as often as you can, but let my name travel with my words so that the voice remains authentic.

This season, we have seen our world, our mother, take a long awaited and much needed deep breath of her own.  The birds sing louder, the four leggeds roam more freely and the scent of warming cedar has the space to reach our noses.

I am filled with gratitude for all that each of you has sacrificed to bring in this spring and cannot wait to learn a new way to be together that allows the world its continued breath.


Some people are just ready...

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