Taking a mindful approach to your life means holding space for the experiences and relationships that have value while simultaneously creating the necessary boundaries to keep it together.

3 things you need to know about coaching;

  1. You are, creative, resourceful, adaptive, and whole.  You are completely (in and of yourself), perfectly able to identify and reach your goals.
  2. I am not here to fill you with knowledge and experience but provide you with an objective view and some clarity.
  3. You possess everything you need to make changes to your thinking, belief systems, and behaviors, and are able to grow in any direction you choose.

A mindful life is a full life fully lived and sometimes all you need is a strong Metis Aunty in your corner to get there. 

Tracy Laverty

 “I support normal humans so that they can curate their own space and experience to feel strong and in control, and I do that by taking you through a simple, step-by-step system.

First, we start by taking a look at who you are now, and figuring out who you want to be moving forwards – so we know what balance means to you. Then we find ways to create space in your life to work on your health,  your relationships and your boundaries, using concrete and personalized strategies.  Finally, we build your path forward with purpose.”

Why Mindfulness

You will understand your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions at the subconscious level.

Armed with the knowledge of how your mind and body work you will be able to change habits and behaviours as well as inappropriate reactions and responses.

You will gain the skills to bring space and clarity to your relationships.

You will learn about the power of boundaries and develop the skills to enact them with grace and compassion

You will curate your own life in order to live your values and prioritize the people that matter.


If this is the path that you wish to build forward then mindfulness is for you and I would be thrilled to walk with you.


Mindful Resources for Everyone

How and Why You MUST Master Routines

How and Why You MUST Master Routines

There are so many ways I want to start this conversation, and so many ways that it can get boring.  So in the least amount of words, here is why you need good routines. Routines work You have them already You can design them to work for you not against you Is that...

Medicine Wheel Sunshine Box

Medicine Wheel Sunshine Box

A sunshine (or self-soothe) box is exactly what it sounds like.  It can be any container, large or small that contains things that are calming or supportive to you & your system.  You can use any strategy to organize your box that appeals to you… Medicine Wheel 5...

Take what you need

The work on this page is my passion, and where I borrow, I give thanks.  Borrow what you need, share as often as you can, but let my name travel with my words so that the voice remains authentic.

This season, we have seen our world, our mother, take a long awaited and much needed deep breath of her own.  The birds sing louder, the four leggeds roam more freely and the scent of warming cedar has the space to reach our noses.

I am filled with gratitude for all that each of you has sacrificed to bring in this spring and cannot wait to learn a new way to be together that allows the world its continued breath.


Some people are just ready...

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