Summer provides many opportunities to come together and spread ourselves out on the ground with all we need for body and soul.  Although picnics are a very common sight in our communities, we sometimes forget the inherent value of celebration.  Métis history can seem like a road map with only struggle and conflict as markers. The old people remind me that life is fickle and hard, so we learned to celebrate as many things in as many ways as we could, holding up the culture we forged together by appreciating our land and our relations.

This post’s Photo by David Todd McCarty on Unsplash

This is part of a series of mindfulness prompts that are based in Métis teachings. Each weekly post has an image specifically designed to fit the lock-screen on your phone. The idea is that you can make mindfulness easy, effective and beautiful all at the same time. Placing each new image on your lock screen serves to keep it in the front of your mind while the week allows you enough time to lean into the learning.