In the time when our cycles more closely related to those of the land, we would take this time to prepare for the coming winter.  Living within the rhythms of our relatives helped us to understand what was coming and how to be ready.  Community allowed us to share observations and ideas to build a full picture of where we were headed and the tools we would need to survive.

Today Hunter’s moon is still about knowledge and preparation, seeking and capturing what you need in your life, but the beast that we hunt is a tricky one.  In today’s world, the most important commodity is our own health and wellness. 

Self care and community care are skills that we mastered over generations.  Families looked out for each other, men and women worked together and children learned in the safety of relationship. 

If you do not have a Métis community to work with, look around for the people who share your path and reach out.  If you do have a Métis community, take a deep breath, lean in and share your energy, together we are strong.

This week’s Photo by Sander Mathlener and it along with thousands of others can be foundon Unsplash