Support for teachers and students of Indigenous studies, in or out of the educational field.

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I work everyday to support teachers and students in coming to a deeper understanding of our cultural community and their places within it.

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passion projects

I have a few ongoing passion projects, and I am always looking for new ways to bring them to life or share them with others.

Sustainable Sage

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iskwêwak: empowering our young women

It was rare in any Indigenous culture to see women disrespected, and even more rare to see them disrespect themselves.  A product of the world we have created, our girls do not understand the deep and inherent power that is their birth right....

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While Twitter isn’t normally on my ‘go-to’ list of research tools, I was more than pleasantly surprised once I found the right hashtag.  My current focus is ‘Culturally Based Education’ and I tried several options before I found it, but when I did it was gold.

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